Machined Products

Machined Fin Heat Sinks - An Economical Alternative

When an extruded aluminum heat sink isn't the best answer due to feasibility or cost constraints, Tran-Tec can make machined fin heat sinks. Heat sinks machined from solid material can be the best choice for applications with limited space or other physical constraints and fin requirements that can't be extruded, or in cases where low numbers make an extruded shape cost-prohibitive. Tran-Tec often produces machined heat sinks as prototypes for testing to perfect the part before making the costly investment of a custom extrusion.

In addition to Heat Sinks, Tran-Tec provides machined parts to a variety of clients around the world. For example, we supply steel or aluminum Bezels, cabinet frames and louvered panels to power supply manufacturers and plant/facility control equipment manufacturers. Our clients enjoy the added value in working with our experienced design group, the high-quality and precision of our machined pieces, and the convenience Tran-Tec offers through machining and anodizing within our facility.

Tran-Tec has the CNC machining equipment and the know-how to economically produce sample quantities or production runs. Contact us for more information.