About Us

Tran-Tec - Driven by Customer Need

Tran-Tec is more than a component supplier for our customers, we're a partner. Customer need drives everything we do at Tran-Tec. Our customers' engineers often design a product with a shape and size to fit their equipment and carry the required heat load. Tran-Tec assists in helping resolve design issues and ensuring the part can be manufactured economically.

Many of our customers manufacture of high-quality commercial, industrial, military, and medical electronic products, such as power supplies, motor drives, amplifiers and electrosurgery equipment. Tran-Tec has established a reputation for making products that help customers produce high-quality, high-performance, extremely reliable equipment.

In addition to heat sinks, Tran-Tec also makes other machined metal and plastic components, including cabinet parts, bezels, coil forms, feed-through bushings, and enclosures, primarily for the electronics industry. Tran-Tec has a class II anodizing and finishing facility in-house. For details on anodizing and finishing solutions, click here.

Half a Century of Service

Tran-Tec originated in the 1960's as part of George Risk Industries, the same company that founded Dale Electronics. In 1971, Cliff Schroeder and Dale Plugge incorporated Tran-Tec as a separate business and moved it to the Westside Industrial Park in Columbus, Nebraska, where it remains today.

In May of 2003, Bob Powers and Jim Hanna purchased Tran-Tec (with a lot of help from BankFirst and the Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District). We are pleased to have the opportunity to keep Tran-Tec a part of the Columbus business community.

Quality First and Foremost

Quality is non-negotiable in our business. A faulty or ill-performing heat sink could severely damage or destroy a piece of equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars. That's why Tran-Tec adheres to uncompromising quality standards. We only work with extruders and other vendors who combine unsurpassed quality with timeless craftsmanship in order to deliver the most cost-effective product without sacrificing performance.