Fabricated Heat Sinks

While heat sinks made from aluminum extrusions are an economical choice good for many applications, under some circumstances they are not suitable:

  • Very high and/or very dense heat loads.
  • High ratios of fin height to fin spacing (>10:1).
  • Need to remove heat from sealed enclosures.
  • A heat sink is required that can't be extruded for some reason.
  • A prototype is needed for which no existing extrusion will work.
  • Aluminum does not have sufficient thermal conductivity.

When other thermal dissipation techniques must be used, Tran-Tec offers fabricated heat options including:

Bonded Fin Heat Sinks - Bigger Fins for Bigger Cooling

Bonded Fin Heat Sinks
Bonded fin heat sinks consist of a slotted baseplate with individual sheet metal fins set into the slots. With aluminum bases and fins a thermally conductive epoxy is normally used to secure the fins and improve heat flow from base to fin. Copper bases and fins can be soldered or brazed.

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Folded Fin Heat Sinks - Sometimes Thinner is Better

Folded Fin Heat Sinks
Another air-cooled option is a folded fin heat sink. A continuous strip of thin sheet aluminum or copper is machine folded into a series of uniform flat topped and bottomed zigzags. The fin block is attached to a base with epoxy or solder.

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Machined Fin Heat Sinks - An Economical Alternative

Machined Fin Heat Sinks
You may be working on a new product for which requires a heat sink and no existing extrusion will work, even with modification. Tran-Tec has the ability to machine prototype heat sinks from solid blocks of aluminum for testing and evaluation. Some applications require a heat sink configuration that does not lend itself to extrusion, or the volume of usage is too low to economically make a custom extrusion. Again, machining the heat sink from solid material may be a workable solution.

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Spreader Bars - Dissipating Concentrated Heat

Spreader Bars
Heat spreaders move heat from a concentrated source and spread it over a larger area, in some cases using material with a higher thermal conductivity than aluminum. Copper is often a good choice, having almost twice the ability of aluminum to move heat. Tran-Tec will custom machine heat spreaders to fit your needs, and even integrate them with a heat sink.

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