Tran-Tec 2020

Happy New Year from our team here at Tran-Tec! My father and I purchased Tran-Tec just over 4 years ago and we continue to invest in the company and our team here in Columbus. My father, Robert Dwyer, and I wanted to share with you where we are at and where we expect to be going forward. Our core business remains heatsinks, but we are a full-service machine shop for all your machining needs.
- Chris Dwyer

Expanded Capacity

MAZAK 4000
  • 2 MAZAK 4000 II Horizontal Machining Centers installed within last 2 years - 400mm pallets, machine parts on pallet # 1 while operator is loading pallet # 2.
  • Installed 2 new vertical mills with expanded capability over 2 retired units – larger work envelopes, higher spindle speeds, faster travels, and Through Spindle Coolant (TSC).
    • 2019 Milltronics 5025 w/ TSC, 50 X 25 X 24 travels, 15,000 rpm, Renishaw probing.
    • 2017 Haas VF 5 SS w/ 50 X 26 X 25 travels 12,000rpm, Renishaw probing.

Improved Efficiency, Accuracy and Repeatability

2019 Haimer tool balancer
  • 2019 Haimer tool balancer – improved surface finish and flatness, improved tool engagement leads to better tool life and reduced spindle wear. Balanced tool reduces runout and accuracy of endmills and drills.
  • 2018 Omega Tool presetter – reduced tool runout, higher cutting/drilling accuracy, more efficient set-ups.

Expanded Skillsets / Training

  • Manufacturing engineer added 2017. Proficient in Solidworks and AutoCAD (10+ years of CAD experience).
  • Programming machinist added 2018 w/ 10+ years CAM programming experience. Improved print to finished part delivery time.
  • Expanded quality inspection capability (Faro Arm w/ contact and non-contact scanning capability) and additional team members added and trained.
  • New machine operator sent through Central Community College Machinist program.
  • Four days Mazatrol conversational programming for two machinists at MAZAK Tech Center in Houston, TX.
  • Two days training GibbsCAM for our programming machinist at Midwest CAM Solutions in MN to hone Turning/Milling skills for lathe with Milling, Y-Axis, and a second spindle!

Anodizing Upgrades

Anodizing chiller upgraded with heat exchanger
  • Anodizing chiller upgraded with heat exchanger – improved control of anodizing temperature (68-72F) regardless of load in tanks.
Boiler retired
  • Boiler retired and replaced with PLC controlled electronic heaters - better control of temperatures in Soap, Etch, Dye and Seal tanks produces more consistent performance in each tank. Heaters for individual tanks helps minimize downtime from boiler failure/repairs.

Coming In 2020

Diversification Of Capabilities - MAZAK Lathe 350U MSY

MAZAK Lathe 350U MSY

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